2 Tips To Help Eliminate Inflammation After A Lipscultpture Procedure

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Achieving your ideal weight and body shape through exercise can be a struggle. You may exercise daily and still have difficulty losing the little bit of belly fat that is left. When this happens, you might want to use a surgical method to help get rid of the last bit of weight around your stomach or arms. A procedure like liposculpture is less invasive and requires a shorter recovery time. The procedure involves killing off fat cells in the area that you desire. While this procedure is not as painful, it can lead to some inflammation once the procedure is done. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to help soothe this issue.

Take an Ice Bath Each Day

A few days after the liposculpture procedure, you should be able to get back to your normal routine without any issues. However, you will still notice inflammation around your skin. In order to calm your skin and soothe any redness and swelling, simply soak your body in an ice bath at the end of the day. The ice will help to relax blood flow to these parts of your body. This will result in less swelling. You can create your own ice bath at home by purchasing a large bag of ice. Fill your tub halfway with cold water, then add the bag of ice. Fill the rest of the tub with cold water and slowly submerge your body into the ice bath. 

Massage Your Body with Chamomile Oil

A good massage cannot only help to relieve tight and sore areas after your liposculpture but when combined with chamomile oil it can help to reduce inflammation. Chamomile is one of a few natural herbs that are used to help treat skin that is swollen or irritated due to inflammation. Chamomile can be used successfully after your liposculpture because it contains anti-inflammatories. You can create your own massage oil by placing half a cup of sweet almond oil into a cup and adding several drops of chamomile oil to it. Use either a microwave or stove to warm up the mixture. Use your hands to gently massage the warm oil mix into the areas that are inflamed. This procedure should be performed daily in order to get quick results.

Liposculpture can be your solution to losing those last few pounds. Use these tips to make sure that your recovery from the procedure is flawless.