Building Muscle And Reducing The Chances Of Acne At The Gym

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People hit the gym in order to develop the "body beautiful." A lean physique packed with solid muscle definitely embodies an amazing physical appearance. Unfortunately, skin blemishes can detract from the desired look a fitness fanatic wishes to present. Ironically, hitting the gym to build up muscle mass might lead to the unwanted development of acne on the skin. During a weightlifting session, the body may experience excess sebum production. The excess production, in turn, contributes to causing acne. How the skim naturally reacts to a weightlifting session is not exactly easy to control. Other factors that contribute to aggravating the skin, however, are much easier to manage. Anyone with fears over acne breakouts should take certain measures to address excess sweat, a contributor to blemishes.

Avoid Wearing a Rash Guard

Rash guard shirts hug extremely tight to a physique. Anyone hoping to show off their newly lean and solid physique may opt to strut around the gym with one of these "surfer shirts." Doing so may be a bad idea. Rash guards may yield some undesirable effects on the skin. The tight fit of a rash guard creates a lot of friction on the skin, which is not helpful to someone prone to suffering from acne. The skin-hugging fit also causes additional sweating. The sweat and accompanying bacteria never leave contact with the skin, furthering acne issues. Go with a normal, loose-fitting shirt.

Don't Stick with the Same Shirt

Even with a normal shirt, the material could soak up a lot of sweat. Again, sweat and bacteria could be the root of many skin issues. There is no rule that says a shirt cannot be changed in the middle of a workout. Heading to the locker room, removing the shirt, toweling sweat off, and putting on a new, clean shirt could cut down on acne breakout risks.  

Skip the Pre-Workout Tan

Many gyms also have tanning beds. A quick tan and rest in the bed prior to a hard workout might seem like an easy way to start things off. The tanning bed, however, is going to cause sweating long before the workout starts. Again, keeping sweat at bay should be a goal when acne concerns linger.

Get a Checkup

Despite taking a number of beneficial steps, acne breakouts may still occur. Really only a dermatologist can give the best assessment on an acne condition. More importantly, a dermatologist may provide the best preventive advice and effective treatment steps. Contact a company like Heibel Dermatology to learn more.